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Expert assistance for your paper

PhD writing assistance has proficient writers and researchers who have the relevant qualifications in a spectrum of subjects. Whether it is your essay, case study or presentation or dissertation, they can help you with their extensive knowledge.

All our writers are seasoned professionals and can offer academic mentorship, whether it is undergraduate degree or Master’s or PhD. The quality they offer is outstanding. We know that the major phases of your academic life are your university and college years. That is the main reason we have structured our support services for those facing problems in academic life. We want you to have a learning experience.

Paraphrasing services

Paraphrasing is an important aspect of academic writing. It shows that you comprehend the source well enough to develop in your own words. When you use paraphrasing correctly, you can decrease the usage of direct quotes. In this way, your academic expertise will also develop.

The experts at PhD writing assistance go deep into the subject and interpret the terms and concepts in a lucid manner. They will also make you understand the importance of paraphrasing. The content that we prepare won’t be artificial, which will definitely impress the supervisor. We endeavor to not divert from the original writing while paraphrasing. We also see to it that we include academic words. Finally, we will cite the original reference appropriately.

PhD Writing Assistance – Academic Help

Proofreading services

It is essential to slowly and diligently proofread the content at the final stage of your paper. The final document must be crisp and easy to comprehend. For example, you may have made mistakes including confusing between the following words: a) their, there, b) affect, effect c) its, it’s etc. Our academic writers scrutinize the document with competency and will give you feedback too. Whether it is errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, they will catch them correctly.

At PhD writing assistance, we don’t believe your knowledge. However, even if you have written an outstanding paper and want proofreading services only from us, we know that you might be prone to committing some errors. Our expert proofreaders will do their work in a careful manner.

Our team of proofreaders will read the complete paper and give the necessary corrections. We will find out those errors that may have been easily overlooked by you. Our proofreading services include correctly grammar mistakes including sub-verb agreement, verb, article, tense, and even hyphens and also checking for punctuations. We even go the extra mile in checking for the incorrect word choice and also looking out for typographic errors including extra spaces.

Formatting and structuring services

You would have come up with an outstanding piece of writing. However, if you don’t have proper formatting and structuring, you will lose marks. Remember that formatting and structuring, which is a part of presentation, is essential for a successful academic paper. Your academic institution would have set a given format, and using our services you can rest ensured that your paper has the appropriate format.

Our formatting and structuring service gives you the relaxation that your writing has the right font type, size, spacing, margins, etc. We also place the page numbers appropriately. Besides, including titles for tables and figures and implementing the proper heading and sub-heading formatting are also taken care of.

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