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How to evaluate thesis research in psychology?

How to evaluate thesis research in psychology?

The criteria of evaluating a thesis refers to checking the certain different essential aspects of a thesis research on the subject, here it is psychology. Though most of the time, every teacher or examiner has a certain different methodology for assessment of the thesis, there are also some common ground points that every examiner looks for while assessing thesis research on psychology.

Assessment of a thesis occurs in two steps, first is the examining of the thesis and is followed by the oral examination. The common key aspects that are included in most of the criteria for the assessment of thesis research are and should be focused on, both by the student and the examiner are as follows:


The presentation and the clarity aspects are very important while assessing thesis research. presentation makes the first impression and is very crucial for a proper introduction. Whereas, the clarity aspect of a thesis refers to its language being clear, not overlapping each other, and having a good flow while reading. The key points to look out for in presentation and clarity aspects of thesis research in psychology are:

  • The text should be easy to read, should not cause any difficulty to the reader.
  • The sentences in the text should connect and form a proper reading flow as if they are telling a story.
  • The submission should be written in a way that the reader is to be able to find their way around locating tables and figures. While also being able to cross-reference them with ease. This will make it more reader-friendly.
  • Unnecessary repetitions and duplications must be avoided.
  • Make sure to include the bibliography as per the method that is in your project’s guidelines. While also being complete and accurate.
  • Make sure to keep the word limit in check and never over-stretch it. The mean figure for the word limit of a PhD thesis research is around 75-80,000 words. Make sure to never cross the 1,00,000 mark in the word limit.

Proper integration and logical coherence

One of the key ways by which thesis research is made interesting as well as engaging to read is composing it like a story. Similar to a story, the sentences should be aligned in such a way that not only would they be in chronological order but also would be connected with each other. This is done with the help of forming logical and rational links between the component parts of a thesis. It can also be achieved with the help of forming a series of empirical studies or analyses by building them onto one another. Opting for either of these ways will result in forming an intellectual wholeness in your submission.

Contributory factor

The main aim of a Ph.D. thesis or dissertation is to provide a noticeable contribution to its respective field of study. This is also a very important assessment factor. The key point that is noted while assessing it is that it should be approximately equivalent in quality and quantity to that of at least two articles of a fully refereed journal, that is standardly acceptable.

Its only alternative is for the thesis research to be substantial enough for it to form the basis of a research monograph or a book, that meets the standards of an established academic publisher’s system of critical peer review.

Innovativeness and Ingenuity

The very basic requirement that thesis research in psychology, or any other subject, needs to fulfill is for it to be an original work. But the originality would not depend on a single mind in most cases as most of the researches is done in a group where everyone has different ideas. But in some cases, the whole project can be an original idea of a single person.

Review of its relevant literature

The candidate who is doing thesis research is expected to properly demonstrate in their work that they studied all of the relevant existing literature on the topic. This will show that they have a thorough knowledge of their field of study and consist of the required understanding of its main theoretical and methodological issues.

The students should make sure that the literature review should not just be a catalog of literature but should consist of a critical and analytical approach, with the proper understanding of the errors and differences in opinion of its sources. A proper literature review should be penetrating, succinct, and challenging to the reader.

Research problem’s statement

The literature review would have revolved around a research problem about a further investigation on it. If written well, then the main target would be clear to the reader from the literature review even without reading the statement. But as a countermeasure and a confirmation of your targeted question, make sure to write a well-versed statement of your research problem.

A well-versed statement of the research problem should of a clear and succinct tone and language, respectively. Along with consisting of a specific set of hypotheses, predictions, and questions about the topic that the research is designed for addressing


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How to Write a Literature Review for Research Paper

How to Write a Literature Review for Research Paper

The thought of writing a literature review paper often leaves many researchers struggling. This is mostly because a literature review is an overview of all the comprehensible data that is available on a specific topic to date. The first step taken even before starting the writing process is to go through all the available researches that have made on the same topic before. This lets the researcher understand the perspective of those before him/her and compose the new research that is based upon the contexts, relevance, and background of those previous researches. This makes sure that the new research consists of all the previous data as well as the difference that is needed to be made at that time.

Types of literature review

Literature reviews can be broadly categorized as experimental and theoretical types. Researches that fall under the category of experimental type are the ones that are created after surveying all the data and information that is available on its topic to date and then filling its gaps by critically analyzing the existing data. This makes it an experiment performed on information. The extensiveness of a review depends on the precision and systematic form with which a research project is carried out. Thus, making it an essential part of the research.

Whereas, a theoretical literature review usually involves two steps:

  1. Performing a critical analysis on the existing literature of the topic, commonly referred to as experimental literature review.
  2. Making sure to pen down and summarise properly the gist of your review, often referred to as a theoretical review. Literature review could be a part of a dissertation or research article and a stand-alone literature review. Let us look at this in more detail.

Literature reviews for dissertation/research article

The introduction is the beginning point of every research report, thesis, research article’s topic. This acts as the commencement of the literature review for the article. A review aims to introduce its readers to the topic of the research as well as make them understand the importance of conducting it. A literature review should be based upon the keyword of that topic, these relevant keywords can be found on online database platforms such as Google Scholar, PubMed, etc. After the gathering of the required relevant data, it should be organized in the way specified below

  1. Mentioning the background literature about the research topic in order to introduce the readers to the topic’s field of study.
  2. Progress on the research topic has been made recently. Along with the display of the previous studies in chronological order. This will allow you to thoroughly describe and showcase the evolution of knowledge that has been made in the field of study of that topic throughout the years.
  3. The review should consist of the different studies’ knowledge so that the display of its comparison and contrast can be made. Controversial aspects often tend to ease the process of identifying the gaps in the previous studies. Identifying these gaps is necessary for defining and highlighting the problem statement and its significance along with the necessity for it to be discussed and targeted in the research
  4. After defining the problem statement, the strengths and the pitfalls of the other studies should also be targeted so that a solution can become the outcome of this whole process. This makes it an important reason for defining the need and novelty of the research.

A literature review is not just a recounted summary of all the existing information on its topic. It is a critical and analytical summary of the previous researches. It discusses the importance of the previous studies as well as the gaps and the loopholes that those studies consisted of and how those gaps can be fulfilled with your research.

Stand-alone literature reviews

Another rarer type of literature review is the stand-alone one. They are distinctions in themselves as they are based on any kind of previous experimented data.

They can be divided into two types, that are narrative reviews and systematic reviews.

  1. Narrative reviews

Narrative reviews are the theoretical discussions that are made on a topic based on critical analysis of the repetitive relevant information. They are highly qualitative in nature and follow up on the nature of review sections of larger articles.

Narrative reviews are usually organized as follows:

The introduction establishes the context of the field of research that has led to its topic of review to be chosen for the research.

The body usually consists of the description of the different themes that fall under the main topic and get divided into consecutive subheadings. This section mainly targets the gaps that are not properly addressed in the previous studies by critically analyzing them.

Conclusions. This sections’ content caries from every research article and narrative review. The conclusion from the critical analysis of all the current studies is stated in this section along with the avenue that this conclusion provides for the commencement of your research. The author needs to fulfill this section with critical interpretation such that the review will add value to the topic’s existing literature and information. This section should consist of the ideas/hypotheses that can explain or point out its existing discrepancies as well as provides solutions to fill these gaps or loopholes.

  1. Systematic reviews

Meanwhile, a systematic review follows a methodology that is well planned to define the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a defined number of targeted studies. The question addressed in this kind of review is quite thought upon with a proper strategy and is worked upon in a systematic specified manner, unlike narrative reviews. The organizing pattern of the systematic reviews and the narrative reviews slightly differ in themselves. The details of its difference are mentioned below:

Introduction: Systematic reviews start off by raising the defined research questions based upon the samples and research outcomes to be studied.

Methods (only for systematic reviews):  It starts by narrowing down the literature according to the comprehensive methodology. The usual method is to set the inclusion/exclusion criteria based upon its research question and the databases. The samples studies are then analyzed after getting shortlisted.

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Ways to find the right papers for literature review

Ways to find the right papers for literature review

Starting your literature review could seem overwhelming due to the thought of going through huge amounts of literary work. But this is no big deal, all you need to know is where to start in the first place.

Today, we are going to discuss about the places where you can find references on the topic of your interest. But the importance of different papers will vary depending upon the topic of your requirement. The probability of you finding the right reference is as much as not finding it, which means that there is a probability that you can find the right reference in less than an hour and also one where it can take a weak for you to find it.

Nine places from where you can start your search for your desired references for your literature review are as follows:

1. Your supervisor’s Work

If you are hired and working as a part of a funded project, even if not, then there is a high chance that your supervisor would be consisting of a folder with your topic’s information. This is because he/she has to do some preliminary work to write the final presentation proposal and that should be the first place for you to look for references.

2. A textbook always helps

Textbooks are the basis of all the knowledge that we’ve got from our childhood. It may not consist of detailed knowledge as compared to a journal article, but it does consist of basics. Basics can not help in understanding a topic better, if you are new to a topic, but also provide a new perspective. Along with this, let’s not forget that textbooks contain loads of references.

3. take a look at the reference proposal

Being a part of a funded project demands you and your team to work on a research proposal. This proposal consists of some references, which support the subject of the proposal. These cited references can be downloaded for getting a better view of their required background.

4. keep an eye on other review papers

Reviewing papers that are based on the same topic as yours can be a good place to know more about the topic as well as get more reference links. These cited references can enhance your view on the topic also.

5. Look out for other technical Reports and Theses

Research papers on the topic as same as yours can be quite helpful but limiting yourself just to them is not enough. Technical reports are another source of references as well as a great source for practical knowledge on a topic. Theses are another great source of analytical and in-depth knowledge as well as references, compiled by Ph.D. holders and aspirants.

6. Google Scholar

One of the best sources for finding relevant articles on any of your desired topics is Google Scholar. It consists of articles on nearly every topic on this planet. These articles are written by professionals and students who are pursuing higher education. Its articles are a great source of references.

7. Scopus

Scopus is another one of the platforms that contain articles on a huge variety of topics. Its publishing metrics are quite high, which makes it a great source of authentic and original articles. Its articles can be good references themselves and consist of other references in them too.

8. Research Gate

If you want an online platform that lets you contact the publisher of an article directly, then ResearchGate is for you. Research gate lets you search for other articles, follow others from your field, and directly contact an article’s publisher through messages.

9. References inside references

The best way to make your article, thesis, paper stand out is by making it unique. This can be done by referring to unique references in it. These references can be found when you keep digging the references inside a referenced article until you find the right reference for your article.


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7 Benefits of Doing Masters

7 Benefits of Doing Masters

Do your master’s without any doubt

Now- a- days, mastering in degree is becoming rapid. In US, nearly 16 million people were holding their master degree because of their career benefits, increasing marketing, opportunities in networks etc. Although US has best colleges, it is more expensive. Only least number of scholarship is provided. Studying in abroad without scholarship would cost a lot more. Average person cannot afford that much.

Many students were not aware of the opportunities for studying full time in abroad. Inspire networks would guide you to aware of all these opportunities and provides service for pursuing your dream education in abroad. Only 1% of the students were aware of the opportunities of studying in abroad. Isn’t this so bad? The perfect solution is to seek the help from the reputed service to guide.

Education quality

European country has many best and top ranking universities that provides excellent quality of education. Mostly, half of the best colleges are located outside the Europe like UK. Dubai, GCC It requires separate fee per semester and a basic transportation service fee. The quality of the top universities like stand-ford university and oxford university never compromises its education. It provides both learning and practical sessions that helps the students to understand more. And also, there would be enormous carrier options. The personal skills would also be improved and makes impression to the hiring staffs. You would become fluent in language. So that, it would provide more and more carrier opportunities in other countries too. That would be no tough because you have already been studying overseas. If you want to fluent in English, studying in abroad would help you to be perfect in English. If you are already fluent in English, studying all your academics subject would help you to develop grammar, fluency and skills.

Experiencing new lifestyle and new features

At first, there may some fear for you but while you were continuing, you would build a great confidence and independence. You would experience different country and culture. There would be so much of opportunities for you to explore. Though your university is located in one area, you can also explore other areas nearby or surrounding areas. You can concentrate in your academics and also you can relax yourself by going different places. You can also meet more people and you would be known well to interact. So that, there would be no fear for meeting new people in working place or wherever.

Strategies for business and marketability

Studying your master degree in abroad would make to think strategically while taking decisions in your work. And also, your salary would also be reasonable for your skills. If you are planning to study in abroad and do your job in your country, then you can be hired soon because your resume makes you to stand out from the other candidates. The skill set would be more enough in you comparing to others. So, you can easily crack the interview and make your professional life better. There would be more opportunities for you in worldwide. You can easily attend all those because of having fluency and more skills that you gained through your university.

Services and guidance

There are enormous feature that would be provided in the abroad universities. But pursuing in those universities requires more amount of fee. Everyone cannot afford it. scholarships are also provided by those universities. There are also some other opportunities to get into abroad universities. But, you need some help to know all that opportunities on- time. so that, you can grab those opportunities and make a path to your dream education. Inspire networks would help you to aware of opportunities and guide you in the right way to reach your dream education. Our guidance would make you to reach confident and independent education culture in the abroad universities.

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How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

How to Write a good Thesis Statement?

The thesis writing is nothing but the important concepts in expository writing. It involves some procedures and rules. It’s your view point or argument that gives your idea to the reader. Let us see the features and its procedures in detail.

Thesis statement is must in Essay

The main purpose is to test your ideas, and helps you to develop your argument, and for providing the guide to the readers. These are the goals you should accomplish to answer your thesis topic.

Tips for writing a good thesis statement

You have to write a thesis according to the given perspectives. You can generate thesis content if the topic is assigned and also you have to do the same although there is no topic assigned and you can make a strong content although your topic is weak. The following points helps you to achieve these challenges

Creating thesis statement with topic assigned

The main thing you have to do if you are in this step means, you should analyze the topic and collect information and you can arise some questions in your own topic. So that, you will be in search for an answer. So that, you can collect more information and create a thesis statement in order to answer the given topic. These steps would make you to prepare an clear cut explaining statement that answers all the question arises in the reader’s head. These are the thing you should follow while writing the thesis statement.

Generating a thesis without the assigned topic

Even if you are not assigned the separate topic for your thesis paper, you are still in need of answering to the topic that you needed to explore.

There are some of the attributes that you need to include in choosing your own thesis topic;

  • First of all, you need to select a subject that is reasonable and that should be the one that most people should agree and reasonable people should disagree.
  • You should not choose any weird or any odd topic. That won’t goes well.
  • You should briefly express your main idea of your subject.
  • You should wisely make the conclusion about your subject.

These are the hints that you should put in your mind. Follow these tips, so that, you can create a proper thesis statement even if you don’t have the separated topic.

Let us assume that there is a common topic given to you “Ideas about insurance policy and procedures in America”. Just assume if you are interested creating a subject about medical insurance.

Insurance in America

Now- a- days almost every person are inverting in medical insurance because of the new viruses and other health problems. This insurance is much needed for people when there is any crisis happened in their health. But, the thing is, In America, they costs higher for the medical insurance.

Medical insurance cost and it’s consequence

The price of medical care is more higher in America comparing to other countries. They says the reason as the increase in medicines and some other administrative waste like hospitals, doctors, and nurses are charging more than other countries. Their salaries are increasing faster than the professional salaries provided in other countries. at-least, In other countries, the government is taking care of drugs and other healthcare providence. But in America, it is not much considered. Due to aged population and other viruses arising, there should be decrease in healthcare costs and insurance. It would be great for the people who are facing this problem for many years.

If you notice the above content, you will know how to start and how to make it a good statement. First of all, you would not have the clear idea. But then, you know how to manage like arising questions within you about the topic. Then, you would find the problem and answer to that topic. In this way, you can make the good thesis statement without specific topic.

Creating the strong thesis from the weaker one

In this type, you need to take care of justifying discussion, expressing one main idea, specifying the idea. And also, your thesis should state a conclusion of your subject. It should also initiate the discussion. And focusing on one main idea is important. If you are up-to two ideas, then your readers would be confused. There should be no confusion to readers while reading your thesis. These tips makes you to create a strong thesis statement.

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How to Write a Complete Dissertation

How to Write a Complete Dissertation?

Structuring a dissertation

A dissertation is considered the most vital form of writing in academia. The length of a dissertation will be daunting, and you would be struggling where to start. Another challenge is that the more and more you research it will seem never-ending. In order to make your dissertation writing process easy, this piece gives you the needed information on how to structure your dissertation and what to include in it.

Dissertation structure

All the dissertations are not structured the same. The type of your research paper will depends on various factors including place, domain, topic, and approach. Now we will see the different sections of the dissertation and the significance of each section. Each section contributes to the research and should not be considered trivial.

Title page

This is the initial page of your document and contains the dissertation’s title, your name, institution, department, degree, deadline date, and the research supervisor. The university’s name, logo, and student number can also be given on the title page.


If you are doubtful whether to have your acknowledgment section, it is suggested that it is included. It is a great way of showing gratitude to those who helped you in creating your dissertation. This will have the supervisors, research participants, and well-wishers like friends or family.


The abstract or executive summary will depend on your area of study. You are supposed to give a summary of your research paper in an abstract. First, it should introduce the topic of discussion and research problem and then provide crisp details about research methodology, findings, and conclusion. The abstract, though a concise part, is the initial part that the reader will read. Hence, write it correctly.

Table of contents

This section lists each section of the research paper’s contents. It gives an outline of your dissertation structure and will help to easily go through the document. Note that all parts of your dissertations should be present in this important section. Microsoft Word also has a feature for generating table of contents.

List of figures and tables

You would used a large number of tables and figures in your dissertation. You can organize this by itemizing them in a numbered list. Here also the Microsoft Word feature comes to help.

List of abbreviations

Suppose you have used several abbreviations in your dissertation. You can have an alphabetical list of abbreviations, thus making it comfortable for the reader to see their meanings.


You might have used technical jargons and unfamiliar terms in your dissertation. It is a good thing to add a glossary. Here also list these terms in an alphabetic manner and explain each term shortly.


The purpose, relevance, and significance of your research topic is written here. The reader should comprehend what the dissertation chapters should cover by reading the introduction. The introduction should give adequate importance to your research topic, providing the needed background information. It should also clearly provide the research’s scope besides stating your research questions. A gist of the dissertation structure is also given here. Whatever details you have included in the introduction, it should be lucid and also relevant to your research paper. The what, why and how of your research should be clearly emphasized in the introduction.

Literature review

The literature review section is the analysis of your research wherein you gain a comprehensive grasp of the body of knowledge that already exists on your topic. You have to gather sources and choose the most appropriate ones, critically analyse each source, and find associations between them. You should come up with an argument that justifies your research. You would concentrate on addressing a literature gap, adopt a new theoretical perspective,     augment already present knowledge with fresh data, etc. The literature review generally becomes the core factor for a theoretical framework wherein you evaluate the important concepts and patterns that structure your research.


The ”how” of your research is the methodology section, and it helps the reader to gauge the research’s authenticity. You can include the general approach and type of research (qualitative, quantitative etc,) your ways of gathering data (interviews, questionnaires) the participants in the research, your ways of assessing data (statistical assessment) tools used including computer programs, the hurdles you encountered in the research, and an assessment of your methods. The key is in giving a correct report of your work as well as justifying that you took the best approach.


This section can have sub-questions and relevant hypotheses. In certain domains, the results section does not come along with the discussion sections. In some other domains, the two are in the same section. Here, you should tell how the result associates to the question or whether the hypothesis was supported. It would be a good choice to add tables and illustrations if they help the reader comprehend your results. You should take care to add even those results that didn’t meet your expectations. Extra information including entire questionnaires and interview transcripts can be added in an appendix.


You have to work on the meaning and the significance of your results in the context of your research question in the discussion section. The results should be explained in a comprehensive manner, elaborating on whether they are up to your expectations. But be genuine enough in acknowledging the limitations.


The research question is the key to the research, and the conclusion section should briefly answer it. The reader should have a clear knowledge of your pivotal argument and understand what your research paper has contributed. Generally, the conclusion is the final chapter of your dissertation though sometimes it may come before the discussion. A sound reflection of your findings is what makes the conclusion effective. When you have the conclusion at the end, you need to have a recommendation that follows it. Discuss with our consultants

Top Factors on Surviving in Dissertation Deadlines

Dissertation Deadlines – Top factors on Surviving in Dissertation Deadlines

The much-needed tips on surviving dissertation deadlines

We all know how difficult it is to prepare an exemplary dissertation. And when I say exemplary, it should be a model for others to follow. Generally, if you aim for the moon only, you will at least reach the stars. Aim for 200% perfection in your dissertation work and ultimately reap the fruits of your hard work. Here are the much-needed tips that a dissertation writer needs to follow in order to survive the tight deadlines.

Start with a positive mindset

From the day you were asked to write a dissertation help, you would be worried about its quality. That is understandable more so because this is a highly competitive world. Everyone want to do their best and shine in the competition. But the key lies in not being frustrated with this thought and start with a positive mindset. Once you do so, it is half battle won. Just believe that you are capable of writing the dissertation. This may sound quite philosophical, but ultimately it boils down to your optimism.

“Procrastination is the thief of time” – don’t delay your dissertation

We have covered the importance of beginning with a positive mindset in the previous point. Ensure that you do it in the day you were asked to write the dissertation because the deadline will be fixed accordingly. Even a day’s waste will have a negative impact on you completing the dissertation within the deadline. You may thing that last-minute preparation can be helpful, but unfortunately that is not the way for writing dissertations. You have to do sufficient research, which will take lot of time.

Don’t be preoccupied with research

Research! This is the word that frightens us when we think of dissertation writing. In your enthusiasm to write a high-quality dissertation, don’t spend most of your time in only doing research. There should be a point when you realize that you have done sufficient research and it is time to start writing. 

Plan your work diligently and work it out

As in any other case, planning is an important element for dissertation writing. It helps you to maintain a clear-cut vision of what you are doing. But sometimes your plans may not work out. Here, you should be flexible enough in adjusting them. Again, if you want your dissertation to shape well, you will know how to plan it systematically. Once you plan your dissertation writing process, ensure that you work out your plan. Besides, review your plan as often as you can and see whether you are following it. There is no use in just planning and having a far-fetched vision. The plan is complete only when you implement it.

Keep writing without thinking about editing

Who isn’t obsessed with perfection? We are all told to work hard and do our best so that we get rewards. This also applies to dissertation writing. But ensure that you write without thinking whether you are making mistakes. Get the flow, don’t panic when you do mistakes, and come up with your dissertation. At the end, when you read the dissertation fully and if you find errors in it, don’t panic. Go to the next step.

Ask your family and friends to read your dissertation

Yes, a fresh pair of eyes is all this needed to find any mistakes in your dissertation. Sometimes, we love what we do so much that we won’t be able to find mistakes. But another person will definitely be able to point out errors. If they find errors in your dissertation and you too are convinced about it, you can approach a professional dissertation writer.

Approach a professional dissertation writer

Choose those dissertation writer services who take time to analyze your research question, understand the subject, and then give you input. They should also have good experience in editing students’ work for quality. A good dissertation service will give constructive feedback on your research paper and will ensure that your work is top-notch and also they have created many dissertation examples from various fields which will help for students to refer.

Now that we have seen the important tips in surviving dissertation deadlines, here’s three more points for your personal benefit:

Consider rest as an essential element

If you have health only you will be able to write the phd dissertation well. Don’t be obsessed with the thought of perfection but keep doing your best. Take regular breaks in between, but ensure that you have completed the task for the day that you have listed in your to-do list.

Learn to say no

Your dissertation writing is a learning process, and you will have to focus a lot to come up with a great piece. Your friends may ask you to play with them, your cousin might distract you, etc. But you be firm in learning to say no to those things which will divert your attention.

Celebrate even your small victories. They count a lot.

Finally, there will be a time when you complete writing your dissertation research paper. Remember that you deserve merit. Celebrate every step you take in writing the dissertation. Watch your milestones carefully, and be happy how you have finally completed a first-class dissertation. Don’t make your great victory go unnoticed just because you didn’t think of celebrating small victories.

How to Write a Professional Essay

How to write an essay – the best guide for university students

You would be enthusiastic about writing your first academic essay writing. This is a lucid guide that helps you in understanding the basics of writing a good essay.

Once you know how to write a good essay, you have crossed half the bridge in honing your academic writing skills. This is a great skill that all the students must gain.

We gain understanding through lot of research, and this helps us in coming up with a great essay. We are not knowledgeable without sufficient research to provide the evidence.

The good news is that essay-writing skills can be sharpened. Now let’s see the essential skills needed to write your decisive essay.

There is a specific framework for all types of essays irrespective of the field you are involved. Once you follow the points in this guide carefully, you will write a top essay.

The first step in writing your essay

This point seems to be very obvious, but it needs to be reinforced. Yes, the most essential point of writing the perfect essay is to assess the essay question. There is no meaning in writing everything you know about the subject without gauging the meaning of the question.

Significance of keywords

Now we will see the importance of keywords. Keywords are important because they show how much they are relevant to the topic. You have to sharpen your mindset to find the keyword in the essay. These will give you the points that you need to focus with full attention. For example when there is a keyword as “impact” it will help you in gaining a fair idea of how the essay should be written.

There are certain things which you should understand from keywords, including good grasp of facts and opinions. For some, you need to write fact, while for some you need to give your opinions. There should neither be too much emphasis on facts nor opinions. Generally, you would be required to examine the previous and present thinking on a specific subject. Finally, you can give your own conclusion with a clear gist of your own thoughts.

Developing your argument

Developing your argument is an important part of writing your essay. While you do this, you should remember to answer the question with clarity and not just pouring everything you know about the specific topic.

Research, research, research but don’t be overwhelmed by it

Researching important information about the topic is crucial for writing your essay. While you are assigned your topic, you should consider certain factors including word preference, word count, and outline. But when you starting from the beginning, you have to come up with the decision by yourself. While writing, you will be inclined to write more about the topic by diverting from it, but the key lies in being faithful to the specific topic.

Ponder over what you are supposed to do with utmost diligence. Then make sure that you are not just copy-pasting from the Internet. Remember that plagiarism is a big issue and you may be tempted to do it. Content spinning is also one form of plagiarism wherein you just use synonyms to replace specific words and phrases. Don’t do that also.

You may be in confusion as how to find evidence that stands for your ideas and those that are not supporting yours. You must research in such a way that you look carefully into every angle and not only those that you support. But also keep in mind that you are carried away by your research and it becomes a never-ending process.

Sourcing your evidence

Sourcing your evidence is another important aspect of developing your essay. You can have a record of the books used during your research process which will be useful for referencing and bibliography. There are specific academic styles that are requested by your school and ensure that you stick on to the asked one. The referencing style is also important for writing your research; hence it is suggested to gain guidance for it before commencing your research. The referencing style will be MLA or APA or any other style, so ensure that you get it clear before starting the research.

Plan your essay

You may think that you can directly get into writing the essay, but don’t do that mistake. Planning your essay and effectively working out your plan will give a systematic procedure to your essay writing. The essay will be structured, will have flow, and will be thoroughly researched once you do the plan diligently.

At the beginning, we told the importance of keywords. Now you have to think about how to fit the evidence that you have gathered through your research with your keywords. This will be a smooth process once you have planned your process, examined the question, and also understood the importance of keywords. The question is the center of focus of your research, and you should proceed with the research keeping it in mind.

Now you may think how to arrange the points of evidence by retaining only those that are important. For this you have to ward off the temptation of using every piece of information that you come across and only use those that are really needed for your research. Brevity is also highly important for your research besides avoidance of plagiarism. The challenge lies in including all the key points, at the same time not being carried away by unnecessary ones and not be repetitive.

Word count best practice

Writing more than the specific word count is not a good practice. You should ensure that the evidence at hand is actually relevant to what you are supporting.

Write an outline of your essay

There will be ease of writing essay when you make an outline of your essay. Here you can list down paragraph headings and where you will apply each piece of evidence. This will be instrumental in getting an appreciable idea of the development of your thoughts and the reason for selecting certain researched information. This type of drafting your essay will go a long way in bringing about a clear and precise document. You will also know any bottleneck to your evidence which you can make out before starting the writing process.

Now is the crucial part…creating your essay

Now that you have done all the planning and other important parts, you are all set to write an essay. Your spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation should be error-free. The examiners will keenly look out for these aspects, and so make sure there is perfection in these. Do a thorough proofreading after your writing and do two to three spelling and grammar check, besides that done through your computer. It will always be helpful if you get another person also do the editing work because a new pair of eyes can often be the best critic.

There are two ways of writing an essay. The first one is to develop the main body of your essay at the outset and then do the introduction work. The second one is to take care of the introduction in the beginning and then write the main body. The key lies in covering all the points in the thesis, without being diverted.

Some may have the skill to fit in the argument in the introduction part and then proceed with the research body. Otherwise, you can develop the body that follows a flow and then give a concise introduction for that. It all depends on how you approach your essay.

Essay introduction

If you are choosing to write the introduction first, ensure that you write only what is needed without beating about the bush. A great introduction will be the indicator of how you assessed the topic and how you are going to write it. You are going to give your idea on the topic in the introduction and hence avoid giving quotations. It is your view on the topic and not of others in the introduction. The introduction should be crisp that leads the way to the beginning paragraph of the essay’s main body.

Essay’s main body

The beauty of the essay writing also lies in dedicating separate paragraphs to unique concepts of the essay. Now that you have already planned, work out your plan by considering each paragraph as a separate sub-heading. Your evidence plays a major role here; hence support each of your points with this. When you have doubt about the paragraph’s length, keep in mind that it should be relevant to the aspect you are writing.

The statements that you are making are essential for your essays, especially with supporting. You should assess the importance of certain words that trigger interest in you. By doing so, you will get good score and establish that you are bringing additional focus to the primary argument.

When talking about quotations, they must not be long. Just take few sentences and use them as quotes. Also remember to enclose the quotations with quotation marks.

Flow is an important aspect of essay writing. When you end the first para, ensure that it has an idea which leads to the next para. Gradually, you will gain clarity in what you are writing and the conclusion will be a fitting one. This is how you should start learning to develop an essay.

You should concentrate on taking the argument forward through each paragraph. This needs good flow as mentioned earlier. The events should progress from one to another smoothly or you can stress on the point that you made earlier. It all depends on the nature of your essay.

Essay conclusion

Writing the essay conclusion is the most challenging and interesting part. You have to tell the reader what you are presenting in the argument in a precise manner. Take care not to write an incomplete conclusion, wherein you are not giving the complete crux of the whole argument. You can bring quotations in the conclusion supporting your point. The reader would have got the overall essence of the essay by now, and it would suffice if you write a crisp conclusion which gives a gist of your argument.

Referencing your essay

Referencing is essential for making sure that you are giving credit to the authors. You have to ensure that you are not copying the work of others.

There are several kinds of referencing styles. You have to get proper assistance for giving the needed referencing style. The two common formats for referencing include author-date and notes-bibliography. As self-explanatory, the author-date offers the author’s surname and date of publishing. The notes-bibliography referencing style has footnotes and endnotes. They correspond with a superscripted citation number in the essay body. The essay bibliography gives complete information of the footnote sand endnotes.

Essay writing styles

The style of your essay is also of good concern. It varies from university to university. However, some of the typical instructions given by most universities include “Times New Roman” and “12 font”. One instruction which you should keep in mind is that you should not write in first person i.e. you are giving the opinion.

For better writing, you can go through the works of professional writers and understand their styles. Do not copy-paste under any situation. This is considered to be a grave mistake because you are stealing ideas from the writer.

Formal English is always appreciated in academic writings. While paragraphs can be between 4 to 5 sentences, try to avoid lists. The key lies in presenting the information without giving a picture of hurrying.

Final assessment

Proofreading your own writing may seem to be one of the most boring tasks, but it will lead to good grades. You can even ask another person to go through your writing. Take their feedback in a positive spirit. You may have written the essay absolutely well but would have missed on typographical mistakes. Remember to take care of that.

Do a final check before submitting your work and get good marks

Besides the essay part, make sure that you have appropriately referenced all quotations and worked on the bibliography neatly. You give a good image of your writing skills through the bibliography. Don’t consider the bibliography trivial; instead keep it ready simultaneously with research.

Your aim while writing the essay should be to engage the reader. Don’t be too factual or too entertaining. By entertaining, it is meant that you are giving interesting facts related to the essay so that the reader is thoroughly engaged. Your examiner would have read several essays, and the challenge lies in making your work a class apart.

You will write a good essay if you follow the above points with diligence. Once you gain this skill, you will be looking forward to write more essays. All the best! We help you to hone your skills! in academic writing

Challenges while writing Academic Essays and Assignment

Challenges While Writing Academic Essays and Assignment in PG

The life of the students is beautiful, pleasant, and valuable experiences. The academic journey is about preparing a student to be a person to face the challenge in the future. Here the students must go through different types of assessment tests which are designed to improve the skills of the students. Academic writing is not easy as you think it will be a difficult task. PhD thesis writing assistance completed many difficulties faced by the students while writing academic papers

Difficulty In Time Management

Time is not a limitless resource, Students will not keep tracking their time. Which will Interrupt

the student by creating quality content in a short period. Maximum all the time students want to make hundreds of papers, in that situation the time resource is used. Students would not be able to submit their projects on time due to some situations and conditions. All the students should use the time management techniques to calculate their success in terms of time 


Lack of subject knowledge

The students are enough to learn excellent writing skills, but he still has to try harder to create a paper if he does not know a particular topic. And again he is back with the same old one and many doubts. However, the student can solve it by conducting sound research on the subject. This will take a lot of time, the student will have to fight for his way out by spending all the effort and energy. 


Usage of incorrect referencing style 

Generally, academics equip incumbents with a description of the style of reference. In that situation, one should follow the rules given by the needs requested by the educational body. If reference style specification is not given, students like to use the format which they are comfortable with. In reality, this is majorly blonde, as a result, it serves students with low grades. Students must contact their in charge for this request. If he gives the perfect answer, go for it. If he makes decisions on the skills of the questioner the student must continue with the research.


The percentage of Plagiarism

The presence of plagiarism content in a text file leads to a loss of credibility, it is the reality that several students are unaware of plagiarism as a result this leads to scoring low grades than expected. As students experience this case, they get depressed by the writing process, which stops them from producing their best skills to create an outstanding piece of academic paper. You cannot copy from other’s content and prepare it on your own! You can summarize or paraphrase the content. Never forget to use proper references and citations. Follow these steps nor you will not receive the grade you desire. 


Grammar Errors in a paper

A good academic paper should not contain any grammar, language, punctuation, or style errors. Most of the academic papers contain grammar errors. You should always know the difference between homonyms. These words sound the same but the meaning is different. This leads to reducing their worth and makes them less engaging. Check the content to avoid grammar errors. Phd writing assistance is an academic writing service that helps you to get rid off of any grammatical mistakes you might have made. 


Lexical Difficulties Writing a Paper 

Lexical difficulties mean facing difficulties with the words. Problems related to words are called lexical difficulty. The students having difficulties in using the correct words in the correct place. This will affect their sentence structure. As the result, their academic paper is filled with errors. The readers can only solve all the lexical difficulties. By reading increases the knowledge, exposure, experience, and gives you more ideas about which content is more engaging. 


Lack of Planning 

Lack of planning leads to a dark spot in the academic paper. The first section of the academic paper is planning. If you did not follow the plan, you will end up getting lost. If you are having relevant facts and information but do not have an organization to go with it, there only a few chances of getting recognition for your paper. You should be mindful of the different parts of your article. The introduction, body, and conclusion should be clear and linked with each other. These are the common issues faced by the students while preparing academic papers. As mentioned, these issues divest students of covet result of great writing. In order to fight all the risks of your poor academic performance, move smart and choose a reliable writing service. The assignment writing service of phd writing assistance helps you to plan your writing. Our academic writing service is dedicated to helping all students. Best of luck to you! 

How Can I Improve my Assignment Writing Skills

How Can I Improve my Assignment Writing Skills

What are some handy tools to help me with writing assignments?

Firstly, understand the difference between writing a thesis versus a dissertation writing and an essay writing, collectively called an assignment. This is critical in more ways than you realize. Most important of all is time management is very important, followed by the approach you take towards writing each of these assignments. Here are we gave some simple dos and don’ts for writing assignments:

Do thorough research on the related topic

The Research in your subject thoroughly and in a focused manner to tell about. Just You will need to be clear about the topic of your assignment  and specifics that you will be dealing with in your assignment topics – be it an essay or a dissertation. Plan accordingly to utilize your research time to go through resource powerhouses like the internet, your college or university, or community libraries alongside other sources in submissions – these could be meeting certain people, etc


Make use of an perfect outline

Simply Have an appropriate headings for your assignment and sub-headings on the material you collect from any resources. This helps in keeping things in focused towards your assignment. This will also help as to improve you to write an outline for your assignment – say example an introduction – the body comprising various points and arguments – discussions in topics – your views in different angles, finally a conclusion part. No matter what your assignment is: an essay or dissertation, always make it a point to write an outline based. This will help you  to gather and focus on your thoughts well in your assugnment.


Most Importantly, No distractions as you work

Avoid Distractions during writing and it does not work, don’t mix very well, needless to add the frustration and rework that is eventually required to get a perfection. So, get rid of those distractions when writing your assignments in focused, or better still choose someplace where you can simply peace and focus on the task at hand and do a good job at writing assignment.


Repetition is an overkill in Assignment Writing

One must aware, if you tend to repeat certain words or phrases while writing your assignments. If yes, so that you can also notice a pattern around some words, grammar, or punctuation where you falter. Consciously perfect them out by using your awareness to right them even while writing regular contents. Over time you will notice that you have overcome this habit very easily.


spellings and grammar Check

It is very essential part and basic requirement in assignment writing skill. Hence a thorough your job of eliminating spelling and grammar mistakes. Elementary as it sounds better, however just know that this part of the process needs to be done perfectly.


Assignment requires more than eyes than you have realize

Use a proof reader if you can able to do it. Another ways is to re-focus that your work after a time gap of every break writing paragraph. Then, You will instantly notice where you have gone wrong with tenses, or grammar, or any punctuation, sentence construction in your writing.


Citations in Writing

No matter what your assignment writing is based on topic, one should be very clear about giving the source of your references in your area of interest. After all, that you can do an added extensive research while putting your assignment together in your research, so it only ethical and correct for your followers readers to know your area study in its entirety process.

These are some simple tools that you utilize can equip yourself with early on and see them help your whole assignment writing.

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