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Data Collection

Data Collection includes from the Primary, Secondary, and Mixed Sources. It includes a complex experiments /Clinical Trials, involves a consistent Observing & Recording and relate with the well-defined events and result in it with the data from management information systems and needs an administering surveys and also include researched closed-ended questionnaire Web-based, tedious recorded Interviews face-to-face or through telephone.

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The main aim is to do for all and include data from well-researched programs, from the institution and the general consumers, along with the CEOs, VPs, Managers or working population and involves a diseased population and collected data from the students, NGOs and any other industry? To conclude research, the data collection is done through the interview, conducting online surveys, include a direct interview, involves a skype interview, having an observation, conduct a focus group and noting a methodology that would require a research methodology along with the statistics experts team.

The goal of the team ensures an active involvement from mentors and researchers team that can provide a good research methodology expertise, involve data collection executives, qualified statisticians, quality checkers and providing an assurance team. The team would involve research and include a platform of training involving consistent planning, collection, and monitoring. To provide an independently researched data, it involves a consistent capability and skills which can be done through the two types of data collection consistent methods of primary and secondary data collection methods. When including the primary data it involves the collected data through the experiments, surveys, observation along personal interviews. When including the secondary data the goal of the data is to include from the collection by and readily researched data from the other sources.

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