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Textual Content Analysis

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Qualitative research and quantitative research differ in the way they answer the research question. In your research paper, you have to deal with both.

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Qualitative research concentrates on words rather than numbers, and a lot of attention is paid to the depth of the research. It attempts to dive into the thoughts of the respondents. Qualitative research is generally used in academic research and stops not only with what individuals think but they why they think so. One-to-one interviews, focus groups, case study research, etc. are types of qualitative research.

Quantitative research makes use of empirically observed data and also mathematical theories to make sense of the same. It takes place in the form of statistics, percentages, etc. Surveys, mathematical models, econometrics, etc. are some examples of quantitative research used in the students’ theses.

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Textual analysis is an umbrella term for several research methods applied to explain about, interpret, and comprehend texts.         When there is huge amount of text, quantitative textual analysis is used. It is an organized method wherein text data are evaluated using statistical procedures. The method is highly systematic and automated, and for your PhD thesis, you have to use it carefully. The specialty of quantitative textual analysis is that it can be performed on a single document or on several text documents.

Qualitative textual analysis is generally used for assessing qualitative data.    The key lies in making sense of the data. This is one of the prevalent methods for assessing qualitative data. Qualitative data are more complicated and varied compared to quantitative data. Some of the examples of these data include Twitter tweets, YouTube comments, transcripts of focus group discussions etc. Here, researchers also assess the social life of the participants in the research study and make sense from the words, actions, etc. These researchers essentially collect different forms of data, including interviews, observations etc. rather than depending on a single source.

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