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PhD Problem Identification

Ph.D. Problem Identification – Determining the correct problem!

There is meaning when it is said that the research problem is the heart of a PhD dissertation. It is a brief statement about  an area of concern and also talks about some condition to be developed. There might be some difficulties that need to be addressed and eventually removed. A problem statement takes care of this too. The problem statement has a key role in the research by introducing the reader to the significance of the topic at hand. The major aim of the problem statement is to convert a general problem into a specific, clear-cut problem.

PhD Writing Assistance – PhD Problem Identification

The “why you are proceeding with the research” question should be addressed in the proposal, and it should be satisfactory. The reader should get an appropriate answer to the question. A research problem can assist you in identifying every step of the research process, study’s framework, and research assessment.

Great clarity is what you can expect at PhD writing Assistance’s problem statement mentorship!

At PhD writing assistance, we have great clarity in identifying the research problem and coming up with a proper problem statement. We help the research scholar in addressing a gap in knowledge. We guide the research scholar such that the problem leads to research questions. We also ensure that it has potential importance.

With our expertise, we will give you sufficient mentorship so that you will be able to come up with research questions too. The problem with most of the students is that they select a problem that is too broad in scope. They are not aware of the importance of research and the significance of rationalizing and critically analyzing. We are the perfect mentors to you because we give you more of a learning experience.

We work with you thoroughly and brainstorm to answer some fundamental questions including what is the major problem, what is the population impacted due to the problem etc. Besides, we also help you in understanding whether the study should be qualitative or quantitative in nature. We work with you till you get your problem statement right.

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