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Research Proposal

PhD proposal writing mentorship – A cut above the rest!

Are you a doctoral student who is struggling with your research proposal? Well, remember that a good-quality research proposal is the definite sign of carrying out sufficient research. The research paper should attempt to make the reader satisfied with your project’s value. For this, the proposal should be convincing enough to let the committee know that the project will be successful. You are going to contribute to your specific niche, and your research proposal’s purpose should be exactly that.

Research proposal – the key element in your project’s success

The research proposal is a crucial element in making the committee decide whether to accept the project. Hence, the proposal should be developed such that it  makes a powerful impression about your chances of becoming a proficient researcher. Do you think you have the skills to develop a good research proposal that demonstrates your familiarity with the research field? Do you think you can convince the reader about the originality of the project? If you find difficulty in answering these questions, the academic writers at PhD writing assistance will help you in developing an outstanding research proposal. These knowledgeable and experienced writers know that it requires good analytical and critical skills and good expression of your ideas.

PhD Writing Assistance – Research Proposal

Where does PhD Writing Assistance come into the picture?

At PhD Writing Assistance, we know that writing a research proposal is sometimes an overwhelming task than doing the whole research paper itself. You have to give proper justification of your topic. The proposal is the major step that leads to the approval of your project. If you are an inexperienced person, you will find it even more difficult to write a research proposal. Yes, naturally the concept of summarizing the whole work in a few pages is quite scary. But don’t worry!  Writing a PhD proposal can be easy when you contact our dissertation writer! We will provide example research proposals for your better comprehension. You can go through that, and still if you have any problems, we can provide the best mentorship! We help you hone your skills. We use the best plagiarism detection software so that the content is original. We know the importance of paraphrasing which is more than just rephrasing content and the importance of giving credit to authors.

Research Proposal

Role of PhD Writing Assistance in Providing Research Proposal

At PhD Writing Assistance, we give importance to: clarity, quality, and responsibility. By clarity, we mean that the work that we do (not only research proposal) is not vague. We don’t make the student feel left out and endeavor to clear all their doubts. By quality, we ensure that the work is delivered within the deadline, express your ideas in the best possible way by simultaneously giving you constructive feedback, offer you 24/7 customer service, and apply only authentic sources to support your research ideas. By responsibility, we mean that we aim to make this a learning experience for you, which will give you long-term benefits.

Levels of Services

At level 1, which consists of 2 pages, we will help in the short outline. We will gauge the broad scope of the research goals, work in collaboration with you, study the outline of the problem., and provide mentorship with the methodology proposed.

Level 2 deals with a short proposal and it is about 5 pages. In addition to the features provided in level 1, we assist with a broad literature review and a descriptive methodology. A maximum of 12 references are also taken care of.

level 3 consists of 12 pages, and besides the features offered at level 1 and level 2, we assist in coming up with a relevant theoretical framework, determining the dependent and independent variables, and maximum of 27 references.

This will have an in-depth critical thought. If you have already written your proposal but worried about its quality, we provide our best assistance even for that.

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