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Viva Voce

Public Viva Voce Examination – Comprehensive help!

The importance of PhD thesis defense cannot be underestimated. Every doctoral researcher has to defend his/her thesis, that too amidst an examination panel. The viva voce is the final step in the assessment of your PhD. For this, it becomes important to make a good impression.

Well, what is a PhD viva? It is an oral test, having a dedicated discussion to defend your PhD thesis. The key lies in knowing your thesis in a detailed manner. It also goes a long way in making the panel understand that you have contributed to a body of knowledge.

The term viva voce is the Latin term for living voice which means that your PhD thesis is assessed live instead of just gauging it only as a piece of work. The PhD viva is a mandatory element of the examination process.

PhD Writing Assistance – Viva Voce

PhD viva voce can be an enjoyable experience!

You have to contemplate on the relevance of your piece of research to the broader body of research. The examiners will have a list of questions to ask you, and you needn’t be concerned as long as you know your thesis inside out. You can really enjoy the experience of explaining your PhD research if you prepare it well. However, for some students it will be a daunting task because you stand before a group of experts and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your thesis.

The major purpose of viva voce is that you are showing that you have really comprehended what you have written. For this, you should have written the thesis really well. If you have any problems in writing the thesis, you can contact the experts at PhD writing assistance. They will guide you in how you can present your thesis in the viva voce in just two hours. You will also get  mentorship on how to present your thesis so that you satisfy the external committee members.

At the viva voce, you should discuss about the problem statement and why it is essential in the present scenario. You should also elaborate on the findings of the study and tools used with appropriate referencing. If you have any publications and have attended an conference, you should include that too. It is good to include any awards received during your research period. In-text references would also enhance the value of your presentation. Instead of just reading the slides, you have to explain about everything in the slides, which shows that you have expertise in your thesis. And give acknowledgment at the end. The viva voce can be an intimidating task because the student has to have thorough understanding of the subject and cannot compromise on quality communication. Besides, speaking in English for those whose mother tongue is not English is also very difficult.

At PhD writing assistance, we provide Phd viva voce mentorship where we give elaborate training on the purpose and format of the viva voce. We understand that brevity is the key to viva voce and hence prepare you accordingly.

Viva Voce

Outstanding Viva voce features

Make you ready to re-visit your thesis

The examiners will expect you to have thorough understanding of your thesis, and hence PhD writing assistance takes all the needed steps to prepare you for the viva voce. They will ask you questions (but don’t worry! They are within the scope of your thesis only) but in a different perspective. The best writing services will ensure that there is no lack of good training of provision of inputs to the research scholars.

Guiding you in giving exam responses

At PhD writing assistance, we know that every viva examination is not same, but there are some commons questions asked including the summary of your thesis, what inspired you to carry out the research, what is meant by this term, how do you handle this situation, what is the significance of a particular element, why is the problem you have handles worth handling, what are the recent advancements in your area, etc. When you practice these questions, it will help you in managing your viva voce exceptionally. We do brainstorming sessions to make you bravely face the viva voce.

During the mentorship, PhD writing assistance will give you sample questions and answers and train you in answering the questions perfectly. With our immense knowledge, we help you in grasping the examiner’s point of view and comprehend their way of questioning. We know that tranquility is the key here and hence prepare you for a calm and composed reply.


Viva Voce PowerPoint preparation

At PhD writing assistance, we assist in giving exhaustive viva voce examination training that is equipped with an outstanding visual presentation. Through this, you will gain top scores and impress your examiner. Are you looking for the right place to guide you in viva voce presentation? Contact the professional consultants of PhD writing assistance today!

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