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Dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidate for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings. It is divided into chapters and contains headings and sub- headings. You can make your dissertation as best if you research in the right and needed way. The structure of a phd or master’s dissertation is completely depends on your field of study, but it is usually divided into at least four or five chapters in every projects. Other important elements of the dissertation include the title page- abstract- and reference list. The table of contents that should be included in your dissertation are title page- Acknowledgement – Abstract- Table of contents- List of figures and tables- List of Abbreviations- Glossary- Introduction- Literature review / Theoretical framework, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Reference list.

Title page

The first page of your document contains your dissertation’s title, your name, department, institution, degree program, and submission date. Sometimes it may also include your student number, or your supervisor’s name, and the university’s logo. Many programs have strict requirements for formatting the dissection title page. While printing and binding the dissertation, the title page is often used as cover.


This section is optional, and also this would include your supervisors, participants in your research and the persons who had helped you.


this would be about 150- 300 words long. The contents that should be included in the abstract are

  • State the main topic and aims of your research
  • Describe the methods that are all used in your paper
  • You have to summarise the main results
  • State your conclusions

Actually, the abstract would be focused more by the readers. Sometimes, it is the only part that people will focus. So, it should be short as well as strong.

Table of contents

The table of contents should contain all your chapters and subheadings and their page numbers. It gives the overall view of your structure and helps easy to navigate the document. You can also able to generate a table of contents automatically in word.

List of figures and tables

The tables that you created for your dissection should be intemized in a numbered list. The automated process can also be done by using the insert caption feature in word.


Glossary would help the readers to understand the difficult words that you used in your dissertation. Creating the terms alphabetically and explain each term with a brief description or definition in writing.

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This should explain the purpose, topic, relevance to the readers. Everything in the introduction should be clear and engaging and mainly it should be relevant to your research. Establish your research topic, define the scope of your research, discuss the objectives and research questions.


Literature review

Here in this topic, you should collect all the sourcesm and should critically evaluate and analysing each source and draw the connections between them(eg. Themes, patterns, conflicts, gaps) to make an overall point. Some of the points you should include in this topic is addressing a gap in the literature and taking new theoretical or methodological approach to the topic, proposes a solution and advances a theoretical debate.


Here, you should generally include

  • The approach and type of research
  • Methods of collecting data
  • Methods of analysing data
  • Used tools and materials
  • Evaluation or justification of your methods.


you can structure this section around sub questions and hypotheses or topics. The result section is strictly seperated from the discussion, while in others the two are combined. In the result section, tables and graphs can also be included. Full versions of your data can be included as an appendix.


The discussion is nothing but the topic where you explore the meaning and implications of your results in relation to your research questions. The discussion should reference in other scholarly work to show how the final results fit with existing knowledge or in current knowledge. You can also make recommendations for future research.


The conclusion in dissertation should concisely answer the main research question. It should be the understanding procedure to the readers. In this section, you should show your findings contribute to knowledge in the field and why the research matters.

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