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Pilot Study

PhD Pilot Study – Thorough guidance to conduct a small-scale study before large study

Large-scale projects can be complicated and need a lot of time to implement. Here comes the role of a pilot study. A pilot study is a pre-study that determines the feasibility of the project. One of the major advantages of a pilot study is that it helps in preliminary testing of hypotheses that will pave the way to test even more accurate hypotheses in the main study. With the help of the results obtained in the pilot study, you can even drop or modify some hypotheses. You might have worked on some statistical and analytical procedures, and a pilot study let you do an exhaustive check of it. The pilot study generally offers adequate data for the research scholar to decide whether to proceed with the study.

PhD Writing Assistance – Pilot Study

What issues does a pilot study address and what is the role of PhD Writing Assistance?

Pilot studies can address several important issues. It could be performed in qualitative, quantitative as well as mixed methods of research. Students may have only less experience in the research, and the pilot study will be very useful for him/her.

It is not a good idea for the PhD student to go straight to the project without conducting a pilot study. It will lead to adverse effects including loss of money, time, and resources. The pilot study will give a clear comprehension of the topic at hand, the research question and the methods and strategies that will be deployed. Besides, it will give a good idea of the research length.

After conducting the pilot study, it should be able to give you insights including a) the primary study is not feasible, b) the primary study is feasible, however with modifications, c) the primary study is feasible but there should be strict supervision, d) and any modifications in the method proposed should be clearly delineated. So now that you know the importance of a pilot study, you will be glad to know that PhD Writing Assistance has the proficiency to conduct a pilot study. We will involve you in the pilot study and help you in making out whether the study is feasible.

With the help of PhD Writing Assistance, you can involve in the following:

  • Find out or refine a research question
  • Determine or improve a hypothesis
  • Finding a sample population and assessing it
  • Determine what methods are good for taking it up
  • Make out the time required to take up the large-scale project
  • Assessing the scope of research methods and deciding on them
  • Evaluating whether the research objectives are practical

It’s time to understand the importance of a pilot study. Our experts will help in mitigating the stress related to finding the feasibility of the project.

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