Biomedical Engineering

Our Biomedical Engineering program is made to help in getting a better understanding about the advanced topics of medicine, engineering, and biology, along with the guidance to conduct research on them.

Environment Engineering

Our Environment Engineering program is curated to make Engineers and other technical experts able to take up the role of lead environment engineer and manage the whole team as well.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Our Civil and Structural Engineering course is developed to provide the students with the ability to get adept with modern working techniques and gain the level of an on-field working professional.

Chemical Engineering

Our Chemical Engineering Program is built for those who are handling the task of designing, constructing, supervising, installing, and the functioning of working plants for better equipment manufacturing.

Manufacturing and materials science

Our manufacturing and materials program is designed to provide the understanding of a broad range of topics, mainly Materials science and Engineering, for getting better at research handling.


Our nanotechnology program is built to provide our students with all the basic and advanced understanding about the theoretical and practical aspects of Nanotechnology and its research.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering program is curated to provide students with the opportunity to get a better understanding of their career goals with the help of our simulations, designs, testing, and other related topic assistance.

Software engineering

Our part-time or full-time software engineering program focuses on providing the current professionals with the advanced and completely latest technology and techniques to get better.


Our telecommunications programs is aimed to provide those who seek to learn more about the field of telecommunications, mainly its researchable aspects, and how it can benefit in their graduation degree.

Electrical and electronic

Our electrical and electronic program is made to provide the engineering course students with a better and deeper understanding of their core modules to become able at performing research on it.

Data Mining/image mining/cloud computing

Our Data Mining/image mining/cloud computing program is designed to provide the students and scholars with ability to handle big data sets with the help of statistical and artificial intelligence.

Computer Science Engineering

Our computer science engineering program is made for those who aim to broaden their knowledge about the cutting-edge blazing-fast computing areas and systems for learning how to make their best use.

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