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Rewriting and rephrasing your project to devoid it of plagiarism
Are you worried about your research paper, thesis/dissertation, is showing more than 10% of plagiarism when checked? Are you looking for third-party reliable expertise for getting your manuscript checked and treated for any plagiarism present without suffering any changes in its meaning?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

PHD WRITING ASSISTANCE - Plagiarism Correction

To put it in the terms of the layman, usage of any intellectual property of another without giving them the proper credit or quoting them can be termed as intellectual theft, and intellectual theft of one’s written content is known as plagiarism. While preparing your academic or any other paper, it is common to read a lot of research papers on it and write some sentences that are completely the same as those existing research papers.

Using it is completely safe if you give them the proper credit for their idea, but claiming that idea as your work is called plagiarism and treated no less than an act of theft. Quoting yet another instance of stealing, if you encounter an individual that has discussed a subject that you're additionally trying to create on and use his/her ideas about that subject as your own suggestion in your personal paper, it is counterfeiting. Below once again, if you are recognizing the source, it is merely a citation.

An additional implicit way of counterfeiting is to make use of the concept of another person as your own yet combine all of them into your work using different words aside from that of the writer. Yet, this is certainly not considered plagiarism through the majority of software applications that detect copied web content. Technicalities play a crucial role right here also, like in creating various other regions of the research study.